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Oliver's Journey

Bringing Oliver Home - July 10, 2016

A week ago today I went to pick Oliver up from the breeder and brought him home. What an exciting day! Pulling up and seeing this giant ball of fluff was a great feeling, he sure had grown since the first time I visited 2 weeks ago, he is just so roly poly! We had a box for him to sit in for the drive home, with new toys and a blanket, however, Oliver had other plans. He definitely did not want to settle on the ride home, already getting into trouble...but I sure didn't mind as it meant having him on my lap for most of the drive (don't worry, I wasn't driving!).

This week has been quite a ride to say the least. I had forgotten just how much work a new puppy can be. It has been a week of constant supervision, and trips outside, and lots of playtime, and trips outside, and not a lot of sleep, and did I mention the trips outside!! This rainy weather has made potty training a less than enjoyable experience for me, however, he seems to love it. He already is such a character, and I just love him to pieces. I can't believe how attached I have become so quickly, it happened instantaneously, so much love for the little guy!

I am so excited for the journey we will be going on, he is going to do great things once he grows up, and I can't wait to work with him to help people! Until next time....

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