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Oliver's Journey

A Pup's Life...

Therapy Dog, Dragonfly Psychological Services, Calgary

We have survived a month!

Oliver has grown so much in his first month home, both physically and mentally. He now knows his name and some basic commands, such as sit and come, and has been relatively easy to train due to his love for FOOD! This will serve him well once he starts training to come into the therapy room with me. Although he won't need to know many specific commands to do his job, he will definitely need a strong handle on obedience to be able to be calm and well behaved while with clients.

Here are a few things I have learned about Oliver this month:

- He can't handle the heat of summer, he is always hot, we had to get him a paddling pool for the backyard to help him stay cool.

- He loves his "big" fur sister (a 7yr old miniature dachshund named Daisy), but she doesn't always love him back. Although when he came home he was the same size as her, that has quickly changed, so he is slowly learning to be gentle with her.

- He is clumsy, constantly falling over his own feet (especially when he gets excited for something), hopefully this changes as he gets bigger, I can't imagine a 70lb clumsy dog!

- He is very curious, loves to explore, but doesn't always like to listen when he is exploring.

We start obedience classes next week, I am sure that will be an adventure, life is about to get some structure pup! Stay tuned....

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