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About Melissa

Melissa Foster, Psychologist in Calgary

"Every woman has to navigate a world full of expectations, find her voice, and write her own story. But this can be difficult.  Sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to change our story, find our true voice, and move forward authentically. 

This is my passion, walking beside girls and women as they explore their beliefs, find their direction, and learn to express their authentic self.  I truly enjoy helping to guide the process, and seeing them embrace and become who they are supposed to be."  

I remember when I first became aware of the unique standards or limitations that are placed on women in our society.

I remember being told I couldn't do something because I was a girl, and it wasn't right, it wasn't "safe". 

I remember how difficult and confusing it was to navigate relationships with other girls in high school. 

I remember trying to figure out how to fit in as a young woman, being overwhelmed by the expectations from others. 

I remember feeling frustrated and lost. 


Those moments have led me to challenge these standards/expectations, fight against them for myself

and others, and refuse to accept them as truth.  While the world is slowly changing, these standards still exist, and sometimes feel almost impossible to achieve or completely suffocating.  

I see it in the clients that walk through my door.  In the adolescent girls who are becoming more self aware and aware of others, and are experiencing anxiety or low self-worth as a result.  In the young women that are trying to find their direction in life and find themselves paralyzed by the constant comparison to others. Or either of these individuals caught up in the cycle of trying to please others and losing their voice in the process.

It is through my passion for empowering women that I found my interest for helping those who have experienced trauma.  It brought me to work in the field of domestic violence for 7 years.  It was there that I learned how trauma impacts the brain and how all encompassing trauma symptoms can be. 


Trauma can impact so many areas of life if it is not dealt with in a healthy way.  I love helping people  to work through the traumatic experience(s) and get to a place of freedom to move forward with their lives.  It is a transformational journey that I feel privileged enough to witness.  I have completed my training in EMDR, which is a type of therapy that is highly effective at treating trauma symptoms.  I am still amazed with how it works with clients, allowing them to live their life with a new sense of freedom from the past.

Melissa Foster, Psychologist in Calgary

In addition, recently I have become very interested in the area of Animal Assisted Therapy and have trained a sweet pup named Oliver to be able to come into the room and help out with clients.  He started his work with clients in July 2021 and is now present for most sessions providing extra support and comfort to clients.  This is an area that I am passionate about as I believe that animals have a unique healing quality about them.  

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