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Counselling Services For Young Women

Do you feel stuck?

You feel overwhelmed by your emotions, sometimes feeling
completely out of control.

You are constantly faced with feelings of "not being good enough". 

You compare yourself to everyone around you, and often feel you come up short.

You feel exhausted by all of the demands placed on you by society.

You want to feel confident and just know that you will be ok.

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The journey through adulthood for women is a difficult one at times.  Trying to figure out who you are, how you fit in to this world, and what you want out of life can be simply confusing.  Navigating relationships & friendships, figuring out a career path, balancing new found independence, and perhaps starting a family of your own, tend to be big pieces of the puzzle at this stage of life. That is A LOT of pressure!

Though each individual brings their own unique story to the table, common themes tend to arise.  The pressure society places on young women to take the next steps in their lives and figure things out is huge!  In addition, often times the role models that are looked up to demonstrate unachievable standards.  This is particularly the case with physical appearance (a characteristic that is still given so much value by society when it comes to women).  How are you to feel comfortable in your own skin if this is the case?

Finding balance is possible!

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"Let go of who you think you are supposed to be; embrace who you are." 
Brene Brown

Therapy doesn't have to be daunting...

What can you expect from working with us? We will work together on some of the following:

  • Understanding your current beliefs about yourself (where they come from and why they stick around, most importantly how to make them more healthy/effective for you)

  • Put new habits into action that allow for self-compassion and acceptance 

  • Learn strategies around how to cope with the demands others place on you

  • How to silence the inner critic voice

  • Identifying your current strengths & weaknesses, working with your unique needs

  • Communicating with others more effectively (especially around your own needs)

  • Cultivating vulnerability, being able to show up and be seen (comfortably!)

Learning effective coping strategies creates resilience.  Understanding how unhelpful thought patterns impact our reality plants the seeds of change.  Being able to feel confident in your true self can be such a relief.

We believe that each individual has the answers they are searching for, sometimes they just need assistance to uncover them and to learn more effective coping skills along the way. 

Therapy with us is a collaborative process, and we will walk the path with you to support

and initiate changes in areas you identify.

Take a big step in your mental health journey by reaching out. We offer a warm and confidential space for you to explore your emotions, build resilience, and thrive in your life.

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